Forms for Patients
Our Family Caring for Yours
We too wish there wasn't so much paperwork.
Unfortunately we are obliged to subject you to
this.  To save yourself 20 minutes at our office,
you may download and print these forms, and
fill them out before you come.

•placing the forms in an envelope or folder
•keeping them in your car or bag which you'll
bring to your appointment
(Penalty for forgetting to bring the forms: you'll
need to fill them out all over again at the office.)
Please remember to bring
the completed forms with
you to your appointment!
These forms are required to
be completed prior to being
seen by our doctors.
To access these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (TM) (free download).

YOU CAN  DOWNLOAD THE FORMS TO YOUR COMPUTER from the link then print the parts that you
need to fill in.  The first 3 pages have nothing to fill in, so these 3 don't need necessarily need to be
Please click on the following for the Welcome Packet, which includes:   Welcome Letter,
Notice of Privacy (HIPAA), Consent to Treat, Financial Policy, Demographics, Medical History,
Release of Information (to request records from your previous provider), and a permission form for
discussing your care with family members or others of your choice (optional).

Other forms to be added later!